Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project (MSTDP)

Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project (MSTDP) is an initiative of Assam Tourism Development Corporation in association with Root Bridge Foundation to develop tourism activities that are beneficial for host communities and make Majuli, world’s largest River Island, a better place to live and visit.

The project is covering different areas of tourism and livelihood activities and trying to make tourism as an engine of development and livelihood. Majuli Island, located in the trans-boundary River Brahmaputra, is an incomparable beauty that stands against the time. The Island is facing massive destruction every year due to the erosion during the monsoon season. While according to statistics the Island comprised an area of 1256 square kilometres in the past, it has been reduced to a mere 515 square kilometres now.

Cycle Tourism in River Island is one of the main activities of MSTDP. Travelers can hire modern bicycles from MSDP’s cycle café in Island and also can participate in different daily cycle tours, activities and workshops conducted in different parts of the Island. The project is also aimed at supporting Assam government’s initiative to make Majuli as India’s first carbon neutral district.

MSTDP runs a number of programs and projects in Majuli to help achieve our goals, including capacity building programs, storytellers network, creating a green protocol for the tourism industry in Island, catalyst funding, ensuring sustainable tourism practices clubbing agriculture activities and age-old heritage and a carbon-free travel experience that provides an alternative approach to travel.